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Introducing the New SmarTest by ElektroPhysik


ElektroPhysik's MiniTest 700 Series now supports the new SmarTest Bluetooth Sensor transmitter  that pairs with the free SmarTest APP that allows you to take and view your coating thickness measurements on your own smartphone or tablet!


The free SmarTest APP turns your smartphone or tablet into a coating thickness gauge thanks to ElektroPhysik's SmarTest APP (android for now OS2 coming).


Important to note, this platform does not drain data

from data plans, it even operates in “Airplane Mode” !


The MiniTest 700 Series SIDSP® Digital Sensors are compatible with this SmarTest platform,

simply attached the SmarTest Bluetooth Digital Sensor Transmitter, pair it with the

SmarTest APP and start taking measurements.


Standard calibrations routines are also executable through the APP along with user defined display configuration and full statistics.

What’s more... the data can be emailed!







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