Coating Thickness Gauge
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This compact, practical hand-held gauge has been designed for non- destructive, fast and precise coating thickness measurement.
Depending on gauge type, (see delivery schedule) measurements can be taken on:

-all non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paints, enamels, chrome, zinc etc.) on steel

-all insulating coatings (anodis- ing, paint coatings, ceramics)

on all non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, austenitic stainless steel.

The gauge has especially been designed for use in the field of indus- trial corrosion prevention. Readings as well as statistical values can be documented with the portable MiniPrint data printer. For measurements in dark areas all models feature display backlight.

The single pole probe is connected to the gauge by a 1 metre cable. The newly developed probe tip is made from very hard and wear resistant material which guarantees virtually unlimited life provided it is handled correctly.

According to model, the gauge is supplied with:

- a magnetic-induction probe for measurements on steel (F) or

- an eddy current probe for measurements on non-ferrous metals (N) or

-a dual probe (FN) for measure- ments on steel and on non- ferrous metal substrates (FN)

The dual FN probe automatically adjusts to the correct substrate metal: ferrous/non-ferrous. This feature is not available with the 600-B model. The gauges conform to DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM.


Measuring range:Type F (steel) -- 0...3000 μm/120 mils
Type N (NE-metal) -- 0...2000 μm/ 80 mils
Type FN (dual probe) -- 0...2000 μm/ 80 mils
Tolerance:± (2 % of reading + 2 μm)/± (2% of reading + 0.08 mils)
Minimum curvature radius:5 mm/0.2” convex
25 mm/1” concave
Minimum measuring area:Ø 20 mm/0.8”
Minimum base thickness:F: 0.5 mm/20 mils
N: 50 μm/2 mils
Display:4-digit screen data (11 mm/0.44”)
Measuring units:μm – mils user selectable
Calibration:standard, one-point, two-point
Statistics:x-, standard deviation, n (max. 9.999), min., max.
Interface:RS 232 C (not for model B)
Power supply:2 alkaline round cells (for over 10,000 readings)
Dimensions/weight:Gauge: 64 mm x 115 mm x 25 mm/2.56” x 4.6” x 1”
Probe: 15 mm dia. x 62 mm/0.6” dia. x 2.5”/270 g/9.50 ozs
Operating temperature:Gauge: 0°...50°C/32°...122°F
Probe: –10°...70°C/14°...158°F

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