QuintSonic-7 Multi-layer Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in Germany
QuintSonic Multilayer Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge
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The QuintSonic-7 is a Multi-Layer Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge, specially designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurements of paint, varnish, plastics and other insulation coatings applied on wood, plastics, glass, ceramics etc. as well as for polymer layers on metals. Up to now, these materials could only be measured destructively. The QuintSonic-7 enables measurement of up to 5 coatings in a single operation.

As a special feature, the gauge offers the possibility to measure the total thickness as well as the individual layers of a multi-layer system in only one measuring process. The QuintSonic coating thickness gauge measures single and multi-layers of coatings up to a total thickness of 7.5mm / 0.29" The robust gauge is appropriate for use in the laboratory, in production and on site.


  • Non-destructive coating thickness measurements
  • Suited for coatings up to a total thickness of 500 μm
  • Robust measuring gauges for use in the laboratory, in production and on site
  • Measurement of the total thickness as well as the individual layer thickness of a multi-layer system in only one operation
  • Storage and documentation of measuring values
  • Limit setting with optical and acoustic warning when limits are exceeded
  • Conforms to DIN EN ISO 2808 & ASTM D6132
  • Measure metal coating over plastic (75 um/3 mils and thicker)

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Measuring RangeUp to 7.5mm / .29 Inches depending on material
Min Layer Thicknessapproximately 10 microns / 0.3 mils
Min Measuring Area11mm / 1/2 Inch diameter
Resolution0.1 micron / 0.03 mils
Accuracy± (1μm + 1%) of reading
Batches300 (max)
Memory250,000 readings (QSoft Pro Required for Data Transfer)
Statistical functions
(per batch):
n, min, max, mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, block statistics (normconforming / user adjustable), histogram, trend diagram
CalibrationSound velocity calibration for up to 5 layers
Measuring unitsμm, mm, mils, inch
Operating Temperature+5...50°C
Storage Temperature-10...+50°C
Data portsIrDA 1.0, USB and RS232 via adapter cable (available as an option)
Power supply4 x AA batteries, Optional AC Adapter
Display160 x 160 pixel LCD, backlit
Dimensions153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm (basic unit); dia. 25 mm x length 60 mm (sensor)
Weight310 g (basic unit incl. batteries), 80g (sensor)


Complete Kit

The QuintSonic-7 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge is supplied as a complete kit, including:

  • QuintSonic Coating Thickness gauge
  • Probe with 1m / 39" cable
  • USB Adapter Cable
  • Software QSoft 7 Basic Edition
  • Operating manual German / English on CD
  • 1 bottle distilled water
  • 1 bottle coupling gel
  • 4 batteries AA
  • Plastic carrying case

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Item Description Price
QuintSonic 7 Ultrasonic Multi-layer Thickness Gauge, Complete Kit (QUI/005000)
Calibration Cert for QuintSonic 7, traceable to Dakks / PTB
QSoft 7 Professional Edition, for Collecting Data from QuintSonic, Windows Software
Single Layer Calibration Test Plate for QuintSonic (uncertified)
Multi Layer Calibration Test Plate for QuintSonic (uncertified)
MiniPrint 7000 Printer, Thermal Printer - connects to gauge via Infrared Port
Paper Roller for MiniPrint 7000 Printer
Paper Roller for MiniPrint 7000 Printer, 10-Year Durability
AA NiMH rechargeable battery, set of 4 batteries
AA NiMH battery charger
AC-Adapter for FH Series and QuintSonic
Protective rubber case with mounting device with shoulder strap
Shoulder bag with belt for FH Series and QuintSonic
Coupling fluid, 200ml
IrDA adapter - USB for wireless data transfer
Cable RS 232C with converter
USB Output Cable for FH Series and Quintsonic Thickness Gauges
Connection box with USB cable for FH Series and QuintSonic, for use with FootSwitch and IrDA adapter
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